Friday, August 26, 2011

Mystery man

I first remember Alfred Hitchcock introducing his TV-programs "Good evening ladies and gentlemen" Must have been back in the19 60:s. Later I have seen most of the films as well. My all time favorite is The Birds.
1986 I bought this Mystery Magazine published 1969

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lucky me

I went to the local library yesterday. There is a shelf with books in English and I found a book by Craig Rice. She is one of my favorite authors writing classical crime novels.

When I tried to run the book in the machine I discovered that there was no EAN-code so I asked someone at Information. "This is not our book" the lady said "Please take it home" And so I did. Lucky me!

I already have a copy in Swedish translation of the same book at home.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Italian crime

Last year we spent our holiday in Florence and Bologna. Last May we went to Sardegna and in October we plan to go to Venice. And next year I think I want to visit Sicilia. We love to go on holidays to Italy. Friendly people, intersting places too see, nice food and wine etc.

I have read a couple of good Italian novels. Donna Leon has inspiried me to visit Venice. This American author writes books similar to George Simenon´s books about Inspector Maigret.
It is just Venice instead of Paris.

Andrea Camillieris books about Il commissario Montalabano are very popular in Sweden. Especially the TV-series.Most of the vents in these bokks take place in Sicilia. Quit different from Donna Leons´Venice.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love the books but not the films

I love the books written by Elizabet George but I think the TV-serie Inspector Lynley are poor. Maybee it is because she writes more about the inner life of the characters and the film is about the plot. Something vital get´s lost the way I see it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A "new" Agatha Christie

I have read most of Agatha Christies novels and I have many of them in my bookshelf at home. But Mr Parker Pyne was a new acquaintance to me. Not one of her best books but thrilling to find something that you haven´t read before.

Light a candle for Norway

I start this blog today. I have been blogging in Swedish about crime  novels since the year of 2006. I have been planning for a long time to blog in English. I read most English crime novels in English since  I don´t have the patience to wait for the translation. I manage with a little help from the dictionary.
I am looking forward to share opions about crime in fiction and real life with English speaking bloggers.

This is a sad time for all of us. According to Norweigan newsmedia at least 85 young people lost their lives 22:nd of July 2011 at  Utøya in Norway. One right wing extremist is believed to be responsible for this terrible act. i additon to this 7 people were killed in a bomb blast in Oslo caused by the same person as it looks.